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Wife UP – Fresh Friday

(1 Peter 1:14) – “So you must live as God’s obedient children. Don’t slip back into your old ways of living to satisfy your own desires. You didn’t know any better then.”

Well, here we are – nearing the home stretch.  We’ve had some fun, sweet, hilarious, revealing, soul searching, and at times difficult challenges.  We’ve shared testimonies, victories and setbacks.  We’ve prayed, confessed, been rejuvenated, rejoiced, and encouraged.  Wives – we cannot go back now; we have to be diligent in continuing on this path.  Last Friday I had a talk with a friend who shared with me the favorable reaction of her husband throughout the challenge.  We laughed because we knew that he was enjoying all phases of the challenge and this display would have to continue – no going back!  We know too much and we’ve experienced too much.  Let’s continue working on our marriages and doing our part.  We can’t expect things to just fall to us without taking any responsibility, taking any action, without doing the hard work, without praying and immersing ourselves in the Word, being compassionate and showing humility.  Don’t get distracted with situations or desires that will prevent us from being led by the Holy Spirit or living for God within our marriages.

Keep these thoughts in mind to stay on target:

  1. Do not be deceived.

Don’t be distracted by obstacles or setbacks.  My husband is not my enemy.  Be able to recognize the voice of God and when you are being distracted.  Satan is very slick.  He does not come to us overtly or in an obvious way.  He is subtle with his approach.

  1. Remain Steadfast – Commit to Living Holy

Be careful now, because if this challenge has been a blessing to you individually and to your marriage, be sure that Satan will seek to steal your victory and joy.  So we have to be diligent – continue to purposely invest in your marriage.  When you do something intentionally and on purpose it doesn’t happen by accident.  It is planned, scheduled, studied, premeditated, and calculated.  Be intentional in your efforts because God is an intentional God.

When we submit our ways to God and commit to living a life of holiness, there is nothing that can separate us from his love.  When we become a set apart vessel, God will do incredible things in our lives and marriages.  We are in His hands and He is molding and conforming us to His image.

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One thought on “Finish Strong – Don’t Get Distracted

  1. This challenge as well as the testimonies have truly blessed me and my marriage. On the days I found it difficult to complete the challenge I was quickly reminded that God continues to love and bless even in our moments of being unlovable. The enemy definately tried a few times and I must admit I almost gave him room to move. But God! The Holy Spirit stepped in and one night I was sent to bed early and the other I was put on time out. My flesh had some things to say but the Spirit said no. I am so very grateful for this group and the transparency. I love, love, love WifeUp. #WifeUpRocks

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