Wife UP Challenge Summary

                    by Charmayne Carter

Expectations – Reality = Happiness Level.

Oftentimes women are unhappy in marriage because our level of expectation is significantly higher than the reality of our marriage. The time has come for us to be the expectation that we require in our spouses. Change in your marriage starts with YOU.

This 31-day challenge serves to use the power within to increase happiness and build a successful union.

Note: This challenge is only for married women.

Daily Rules:

  1. No negativity! Do not speak negatively to or about your husband throughout the challenge.
  2. Be positive! When negative thoughts try to form in your mind (and they will, especially since we are doing this challenge) think and speak admirably to or about your husband.


Each phase of the challenge will focus on a love language:

  • Phase 1 – Physical Touch/Intimacy
  • Phase 2 – Words of Affirmation
  • Phase 3 – Quality Time
  • Phase 4 – Acts of Service
  • Phase 5 – Receiving Gifts

WifeUP Challenge
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Online Store Now Open

by Charmayne Carter

When I started the first Wife UP Challenge and created the online support group back in January, I immediately began to see the difference and the positive impact Wife UP is having in women and in marriages.

We have grown qualitatively and quantitatively, and I am grateful to serve and volunteer my time and gifts in this ministry. We’ve grown so much that I can’t even choose the “free” option for operational services anymore!

Willie Moore, Jr. sums it up perfectly…”The gospel is free, but ministry costs!”

I’ve always desired for you to experience the Wife UP movement in a tangible way, in yourselves and in your marriage.  Instead of asking for donations I launched t-shirt campaigns.

Here’s why I began selling shirts…

  1. To raise funds for the Wife UP ministry and its operations.
  2. To provide you with something tangible (other than a thank you) in return for supporting this ministry.
  3. For us to see one another in Wife UP shirts while out and connect in person.
  4. To spread the word together about Wife UP.

Whenever I wear a shirt someone always compliments me and asks “What’s Wife UP?” I love it!

“Wife UP is a Christian-based ministry that seeks to encourage engaged and married women in their roles as wives, to honor and love their husbands and fight for their marriages according to God’s Word.”

The only downside to the campaign is you can’t create a cart of different shirts and have to pay shipping for each shirt.  I had these cute Wife UP journals where you can write your prayers and experiences, and color logo shirts that I wasn’t able to sell online…  I had to create a solution…

I’m happy to announce that the Wife UP online store is now up and running! 

On this site you can book me for speaking engagements and consultations.  There’s also a great t-shirt & journal bundle, plus you can put all the items you want in one cart! You can still get shirts from the Wife UP Campaign too, which is also on the page of the online store.  Please check it out!

Wife UP Journal
Black and Pink.jpg
Wife UP T-Shirt

From the bottom of my heart, thank your continued support of Wife UP.  God bless you!

With Love,

C.Carter HeadshotCharmayne Carter