by Charmayne Carter

Expectations – Reality = Happiness Level.

Oftentimes women are unhappy in marriage because our level of expectation is significantly higher than the reality of our marriage. The time has come for us to be the expectation that we require in our spouses. Change in your marriage starts with YOU.

This 31-day challenge serves to use the power within to increase happiness and build a successful union.

Note: This challenge is only for married women.

Daily Rules:

  1. No negativity! Do not speak negatively to or about your husband throughout the challenge.
  2. Be positive! When negative thoughts try to form in your mind (and they will, especially since we are doing this challenge) think and speak admirably to or about your husband.


Each phase of the challenge will focus on a love language:

  • Phase 1 – Physical Touch/Intimacy
  • Phase 2 – Words of Affirmation
  • Phase 3 – Quality Time
  • Phase 4 – Acts of Service
  • Phase 5 – Receiving Gifts

WifeUP Challenge
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