A 31-Day Love Challenge for Wives

WifeUP Challenge

The Wife UP Challenge is a must have for wives.  Newlyweds and experienced wives can enjoy a life-changing, 31-day experience that teaches love strategies to aid in positively meeting spousal needs, and guides with devotionals and writing exercises to discover each other in a transforming way.  The Wife UP Challenge had over 5,000 participants within the first month of its launch in January 2016 and has been featured on television shows such as Great Day Washington on WUSA9 and The Place to Soar on Princeton Community TV.

“I was ready to leave my husband and a friend of mine invited me to join the Wife UP Challenge.  I do believe that God sends you what you need when you need it and he did just that.  In the challenge, you could not complain or say negative things during the course of the day.  It was hard but I made it through.  It also helped me take a closer look at myself and to establish a closer walk with God.  I am very grateful for what God has anointed and appointed you to do.”  ~ Rhonda Robinson

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“The Wife UP Challenge has given me tools on how to build my marriage with God as the center of the marriage. My actions have served to bring my husband closer to God and myself.”  ~Molly Nunn


“I did the Wife Challenge and with each challenge, the love for one another was rejuvenated. This culminated in us getting pregnant after years of trying and failing.” ~S.Satterfield

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